Devin B Johnson

Devin B Johnson

Posted by Chase A Price on 9th Oct 2018

We partnered with the talented Devin B. Johnson to not only give a platform for emerging artist to showcase their abilities, but also create an opportunity to give back and pave it forward for the next generation of leaders.

Devin B. Johnson works with the traditional media of painting as well as sculpture but finds reconciliation with the fast paced internet-driven, digital age of contemporary art. While honoring the toils of the black diaspora in the millennial age we live, Johnson’s paintings explore ideologies that sprout from his early childhood growing up in an African-American household through the 90’s, images that focus on shifting old dialogues into new conversations. He finds beauty and relation to themes and objects that delicately fit in a natural context. He takes from the surrounding urban and natural world and repurposes materials by placing them back in a narrative which suggests human interference in passing and going. Based on a connection to a spiritual plain and romantic intimacy, Johnson’s approach hones in on the resourcefulness of blackness and the ability to materialize out of very little. He evokes emotion through gestural movement of the material, color as well as the visual and smell senses.

In his work, you will find suggestions of tribal-inspired exaggerations of humanity that show interpretations of what perceived beauty means to other conversations of the world. His use of the natural organic contours of the human body and the abstract patterns placed within his pieces are juxtaposing forces that are meant to complement each other equally. Ultimately he seeks to engage with his audience visually in unexplored thought provoking narratives.

Devin B. Johnson was born in Los Angeles, California, 1992. Johnson obtained his BA from the California State University of Channel Islands in 2015 acquiring his degree focused in painting. He is currently pursuing his masters in art in Brooklyn.